Thursday, May 10, 2012

emma's firsts

first time getting her toe nails painted!
 first time facing forward in her big car seat!
yahoo! it was a hit! and boy do i love seeing that face in my review mirror!
 first time having milk! 
goodbye formula and hello [cheap] milk!
technically the week before she had started swiping logan's milk cup when he left it unattended and downing as much as she could before she got caught. but this was the first time it was actually hers!
she finished her bottle and must not have been satisfied because she found logan's cup and went to town.

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The Doctors Wife said...

I miss having firsts like these. Now I get 1st swear word, first lie, first bad grade....It is fun being able to see the kiddos when they are forward facing. I thought the new rule/law/guideline was 2 years rear facing? Not positive on that one.