Thursday, May 31, 2012

sea level is for sissies

on sunday night we headed to the rawlings' house for the night. the next morning dave, angela, mark and i were leaving bright and early (5:30 am) to head to boulder to run a memorial day race and so logan and emma were going to be hanging out with the rawlings kids while we were gone (rock on to lexi who held down the fort, watching her 4 brothers and our 2 kids). it was logan's first sleepover with his cousins (or anyone for that matter) and he was excited. josh was sweet and read bedtime stories to all the boys!
but logan's excitement was short lived (after chatting and playing around with the boys and being told to "go to bed" multiple times). soon he was asking to go home to his bed. after various attempts and various sleeping locations, he finally ended up in bed with me (and dave slept on the floor). even with him in bed with me, it took awhile to calm him down and finally get him to sleep (at 11:15 pm). 
on monday morning we joined about 50,000 people to run in the largest road race in the country. it's really amazing and there is such a fun, non-competitive atmosphere (although i'm sure if we ran in the 1st wave i would have to take back the "non-competitive" comment). it was perfect weather and just a perfect day!
the bolder boulder is truly "an experience" and running is just part of it. it's incredible people watching and the city of boulder (which is super liberal and crazy to begin with) really gets into it which makes it really fun. some of the things we saw that made me laugh: (the following were runners) 4 teletubbies in full costume, a couple of people in gorilla suits, someone in a banana suit, some super heroes, lots of tutus and fred flinstone who ran all 6.2 miles barefoot. the spectators made it fun too. they were handing out bacon, doritos, marshmallows, donuts, otter pops, beer (lots of beer). you can tell for a lot of them that watching the race is a yearly tradition and some of them go all out, with huge breakfast buffets, drinks and friends/families. and then there were all the fun bands playing along the way, the belly dancers, the people spraying the runners with their hoses and water guns, the huge slip 'n slide, the people holding the sign that said, "run like you stole something," and the big banner that said "sea level is for sissies" at the summit of the race (5,391 ft). and of course there is something amazing about running into a stadium full of cheering people and rounding the track and crossing the finish line. it really makes you feel like a star!
finished (and tired and sweaty)!
even though we've both been sore the past couple of days, we can't wait for next year! and we've already decided we're dressing up next year! now we just have to figure out our costumes.

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Jessica said...

How fun Steph! I haven't ran the Boulder Bolder for a couple years now, and this post made me really miss it. Maybe I can come and see your costumes in person next year! Sorry Logan didn't sleep well, he's still a cutie.