Monday, May 28, 2012

celebrating pappy!

last week we celebrated pete's birthday at texas roadhouse. that place is so yummy! seriously, i could go for a roll and some of that amazing cinnamon honey butter right now. it actually happened to be the restaurant's opening day and the place was hoppin'! we had a great time being together! happy birthday pete! we love you!
this kid is so dang cute! just look at him! i just want to eat him up!
logan crawled under the table and wiggled his way in between gammy and pappy.  
and then he started stealing their food. like putting his hands right in gammy's chili, eating the cheese off the top. we're still working on manners ;) good thing gammy and pappy love him!
this little miss ate a lot! i'm constantly impressed with how much she can eat. she loved looking around the restaurant at all the chaos.
so beautiful!
love this guy!
pappy and the kids in front of andy armadillo. logan thought he was so cool and kept wanting to poke his foot!  
i love pete and emma's faces in this picture! pure love and joy!

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