Friday, May 11, 2012

partners in crime

i got out of the shower to find emma and logan "busy" in my room (read: pulling out anything and everything they could find). i'm at least glad logan decided to use the time studying his letters and emma was getting a jump start on personal progress :) 
you can't really tell in the picture, but emma was throughly enjoying watching logan throw papers all over the place!
 emma seems unsure about the letter "s" (maybe it's the fact that it looks like a snake?!)
and a couple of pictures of the loving siblings. apparently logan is "loving" emma a little too much in the picture above. and while he backed off in the picture below, emma still seems unsure. btw - i think it is funny how logan occasionally takes emma's binky and sticks it in his mouth. i'm sure it's just to get a reaction because he wouldn't even take a binky when he was a baby. 

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