Friday, May 11, 2012

may the fourth be with you!

to celebrate star wars day (you better believe we celebrated it! do you know my husband?!) we joined a whole lot of other locals at wings over the rockies air and space museum to check out the x-wing starfighter. it's a scale replica of the original from the star wars movies that lucasfilms had made for promotions to advertise the special edition theatrical release of the original trilogy back in 1996. here's the whole story if you're interested. we were hoping to sit in the cockpit (which they only allow people to sit in on this day each year) but by the time we got there, it was a 2 hour wait (and some people waited 3.5 hours. wow! it was the best turnout they had ever had for the event). we wandered around, checked out the other aircrafts there and got our picture taken with some star wars characters. in the past   the star wars guys have kinda freaked out logan (even when it was his dad in the costume) so we didn't quite know how logan would react with tons of them walking around. he alternated from being scared (and even throwing himself on the floor) to being ok with it as long as he was with dave. 
 he came prepared with his own lightsaber and wore his x-wing starfighter shirt
emma meeting a clone trooper (dave knows the character's real name but i don't). she doesn't seem too sure...
 still not sure what to think
 the x-wing starfighter
i love r2-d2!
 exercising his independence by throwing himself on the floor ;)
 dave's old co-worker david is a member of the rocky mountain fan force and was dressed as a rebel pilot for the event
 boba and jango fett. for the last week logan has randomly talked about meeting "boba and fett!"

on the way home logan said, "that was so much fun!" which makes it all worth it (even if we didn't get to sit in the x-wing starfighter. maybe next year...

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