Sunday, April 22, 2012

it's SWEET to be one!

we had so much fun celebrating our sweet emma this weekend with a family birthday party. i loved planning a party filled with all things sweet and pink and was able to pull it off with dave's help! girls are a lot of fun! there's a ridiculous amount of pictures posted below (no big surprise there) and so i'll keep the writing to a minimum. to sum it all up, we packed our little house full of family, ate lots of sweets and gushed over miss emma! it was a success and lots of fun!
(my biggest regret was the wrong camera setting/lighting that resulted in bad pictures. but i'm posting them anyway because they're all we have)
(my sweet friend mindy cut out the cute banner)
logan wanted to play "baseball" out back (please ignore our crappy yard). it consisted of a horn for the bat and a soccer ball for the ball! 
logan was more than happy to "help" emma open her presents (read: logan opened all of emma's presents). of course everyone was so generous.
not the happy "dig into the cupcake" moment i was hoping for. she also might have hated her party hat.
it turned out to be pretty reminiscent of logan's first birthday
i think this was right after she tried to touch the fire and we pushed her hand away. she didn't really recover and didn't want anything to do with the cupcake. let's just say it's ok because at this point i have eaten enough cupcakes for the both of us (hello leftovers!)
the boy cousins entertained themselves
emma was introduced to pink lemonade and pretty much thought it was the greatest thing! she sucked it down so fast and demanded refills. and it was her birthday party, so of course we obliged her!


Amy said...

WOW!! What a party planner/executer you are! Those decorations, etc. are amazing and so adorable. You are a nice mom. We've decided to do "big" friend parties every other year because, well, you know, they're a ton of work. Wow, that sounds really mean.

Well, happy bday Emma. Can't believe she's one.

Jessica said...

What a cute party! I LOVE Emma's dress. It was so great seeing you this week! Also, I love your new pillows on the couch.