Thursday, May 17, 2012

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life lately 
(over about the past month)
the earring holder i made
easter sunday
emma's first bubble bath
i was able to attend women's conference at byu with my sisters at the end of april. it was absolutely amazing! it was so empowering to be around so many incredible women (first and foremost, my sisters)! i was so strengthened by the speakers, amazing women, who in so many instances were sharing lessons they learned from hard, hard experiences. what an inspiring 2 days. 
the beloved "y" in the background. i just have to say how much i love byu! it is such an amazing, unique place and i have so many wonderful memories there. it made me so happy to be back there!
at the concert they handed out electric tea lights and it was so awesome to look around and know each little light represented someone. it was a great reminder that we are not alone in this great work!
logan showing off his stamp from the zoo. it is a highlight of our visit there and he is always sad and confused when it suddenly disappears.
 i was paying bills in another room and logan was "coloring." apparently he forgot the rule that we only color on paper ;)
 riding nana's chair lift. a total highlight for the grandkids. not as exciting for nana (although she is soo grateful for it. just not happy she has to use it in the first place).
 emma's first ride in the car cart at the store
 my cherry tomato. we had a great play date at the park with our friends alison and ashton. unfortunately i forgot the sunscreen and totally fried my fair skinned baby girl. her face actually blistered. it was soo sad. and yes, now i have a thing of sunscreen that stays in the diaper bag. 
dave and i went to see the avengers. it was amazing! here was the invite i left for him the morning of our date. 
gammy and pappy hooked logan up with this superheros t-shirt that night. he loves it and goes around saying, "hulk smash!" and "i am ironman!" it is pretty darn adorable! 
this little girl loves necklaces and layers them on whenever she finds them. it is too cute and i just think she is the most adorable thing out there!
 emma caught a little stomach bug and threw up a couple of times (so sad) which meant no gym time for me. so we decided to get out of the house so i could go on a little run. she passed out by the time we got home.

logan helped me with some weeding
 i love how her feet are crossed at the ankles!

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