Saturday, May 26, 2012

"jump for your love" date night

the post title is inspired by a sweet little ditty by the pointer sisters (you can totally think i'm a nerd. it's ok). i showed dave this video to give him a hint about the date i had planned and like usually happens, he guessed it right away.
we went to jumpstreet, an indoor trampoline place with a few friends and it was soo fun! seriously, one of our favorite, most fun dates we've been on. we jumped, played dodgeball, swung from a rope/jumped off a tramp into a foam pit and rode a mechanical bull. it really was awesome! everyone indulged me and my need for pictures...even 3 pictures (we joked that we felt like we were on a group date in college or something. funny we all had kids waiting at homes though)!
we can't wait to go back again!
(and btw, talk about a good workout.)

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Cole and Mindy Smith said...

That was fun...and at least I'm the only one making a funny face in the first one. That always happens to me dangit! Nuts.