Tuesday, June 1, 2010

take me out to the ball game!

kari's request for her birthday was for the whole family to go to a rockies game. unfortunately the birthday celebration/game was postponed a couple of weeks due to bad weather. but i think we were all much happier fans watching the game when it wasn't cold and rainy.
dave's tongue is always "slipping" out in pictures (usually touching my face), so we had to try again. luckily he behaved himself!
while i think baseball is one of the more boring sports, going to an actual game is a lot of fun. probably because it involves lots of visiting with fellow game goers and lots of good food with a little baseball on the side! i think i ate at least a little bit of all the traditional "baseball food:" peanuts, caramel corn (like cracker jacks but better), hot dogs, nachos, cotton candy and funnel cake. i'm hungry just typing all that! happy belated birthday kari and thanks for a fun night!

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Team Covey said...

I'm hungry reading all that! Yum and obviously you were tasty too because Dave wanted just a little lick. Fun times.