Thursday, June 3, 2010

apt. 17 - seattle 2010!

7 of us. including 4 pregnant ladies. traveling from 5 different states. leaving 14 children and 7 husbands (wonderful husbands who made it possible to go). for 3 fantastic days together. at our gracious host megan's house. for our apartment #17 reunion in seattle. it was perfect!
when i think back on my memories from college, at least one, if not most (or all) of these girls are included. and even though it has been at least 8 years since we have all lived together in bountiful courts apt. #17 and 2.5 years since we have all been together, these girls remain some of my closest friends. each of them are simply amazing and inspire me to be better. it was the perfect weekend of playing, eating laughing and talking (lots and lots of each of those things)!
i love you girlies! i can't wait for our next reunion in 2013!


Cassy said...

that looks like sooooo much fun! It seems like all my friends are taking "girls only" trips.......i need to do something like that. The t-shirts were cute too. But im also glad you are back home!

Binks said...

You all look fabulous!