Wednesday, June 16, 2010

CTEM reunion

the night of my race was my mission reunion (the canada toronto east mission aka the CTEM) and the timing couldn't have been more perfect since i was actually in town for it! i loved catching up with everyone and reminiscing about such a wonderful time of my life.

with kimber (my old companion) and chris

a few outtakes. i'm not sure what i was laughing at, but it must have been funny

a stunning picture of emily, the sister of an elder from my mission and my new friend. she was hilarious and kept me laughing and informed on mission gossip (which somehow she knew and i didn't. i'm so out of the loop). she also laughed at me as i did "laps" around the gym visiting with people and shuffling like a 90 year old since my body hurt.

i love this kid! he did so good the whole trip even though his schedule was out of whack and i never got him to bed on time (for example this night he went to bed 3 hours later than usual. yikes!)

(left) liz and melanie. a couple of my closest friends from my mission. i love these girls!
(right) president and sister taylor. they are amazing and i was SO happy to see them. sister taylor was even nice enough to let logan take her name tag

not from the reunion, but i wanted to include these pictures with my sister-in-law erin. she and her husband john were nice enough to come down from ogden and meet me in slc for dinner. it was so great to see them and congratulate them in person since they are expecting a baby in december!! we're so excited for logan to have another cousin.

i also got to visit with my old roommate kristen and meet her 3 beautiful girls (the last time i saw her she didn't have any kids). she is as fun, incredible and talented as ever. i wish i had taken a picture. all in all, it was a fantastic trip to utah!

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