Monday, June 14, 2010

11 months

every month when i do my update on logan i can hardly believe another month has passed (and how are we already halfway through 2010?!). he keeps getting cuter and cuter and while i know i am biased because i am his mom, i'm pretty sure others would agree with me.

these days logan:
  • is feeding himself his bottle
  • is waving
  • loves kids. he stares at them, smiles at them and they can usually always make him laugh. he also always tries to reach out and grab them. we are working on teaching him to be gentle.
  • knows what a dog is. he says "da" whenever he sees one and will try and touch it
  • still loves baths. he splashes so much that dave and i both always end up soaked. he also has started folding himself in half and putting his face in the water. he definitely doesn't mind getting his face wet.
  • has 5 teeth
  • drinks from his straw sippy cup
  • does "high 5"
  • loves to dump out/push over buckets or containers of toys
  • loves to touch and grab faces (which can be deadly since his nails grow soo fast. i can't seem to keep them trimmed)
  • still loves his lovey (blanket). it makes him giddy when we give it to him. he starts to giggle and burrows his face in it.
  • talks constantly and loudly. he may look like his dad, but he is loud and talkative like his mom.
  • is constantly reaching toward people and things
  • loves to be held upside down
  • loves to watch the ceiling fan spin around and reaches up to try and grab the fan strings
  • loves to bang toys together and against whatever is around him
  • likes playing with and rolling balls
  • likes playing with newspaper and whatever other paper or magazine he can get his hands on
  • loves to throw things. he actually has a pretty good arm! after he throws his toys he will go and "fetch" them
  • likes putting his fingers in people's mouths
  • says "duh" for duck and "ba" for bottle
  • sticks out his tongue and knows what his tongue is
  • is pulling up on tables, chairs, people, whatever
  • is pulling things off the coffee table
  • any time we say "good job" he claps
  • is sitting up in bed (which as of this morning was the perfect excuse to delay his nap...twice)
  • CRAWLING! he loves his new found freedom and is taking full advantage of getting into everything (especially since we have yet to baby proof the house). he has also started to learn the word "no" as we try to teach him what is off limits. apparently one (or both) of us shakes our head when we say no because now he shakes his head when we say no. he is a big fan of touching and banging on the dvd player. he will often check to see if we are looking (and if he will get in trouble) before he touches it.

i can't get enough of seeing this little guy crawl around (especially in just a diaper)

he started crawling on june 8 and this was the 2nd or 3rd time he did it (i can't get it to turn, but it's only 14 seconds). i'm glad to see that food motivates him. he is definitely a wessler/todd. he's really cruising now.
  • loves cords. it is a full time job keeping him away from all the electronics.

looking a little guilty. it has to do with the cords behind him that he was trying to play with.

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Amy said...

They grow up so fast. He's looking as darling as ever. It seems like he suddenly has tons of hair. Isn't it bittersweet when they start to crawl?