Monday, June 7, 2010

weekend bliss

this weekend was wonderful for many reasons: dave had a couple of days off and so the weekend seemed especially long, a visit to the zoo as a family, i was able to teach an incredible family about the gospel of jesus christ with the sister missionaries (who happen to rock my world), dave spent saturday four-wheeling and i had 2 jewelry parties (i am now a jewelry consultant with premier designs and get to sell [and wear] pretty jewelry and meet new, fun women), and we attended a wonderful baptism. here are two other reasons why the weekend was blissful:

reason #1
pinkberry just opened in denver and their mango yogurt is divine! especially when you top it with fresh fruit and cap'n crunch. seriously, try it with cap'n crunch. it will change your life. just kidding. but actually, maybe not.

reason #2
the chicken bacon ranch pizza from papa murphy's. we are a match made in heaven (i think dave is ok with that because he knows we are the other match made in heaven). i think it was created with me in mind: creamy garlic ranch, grilled chicken, bacon, roma tomatoes (and of course cheese). their advertising worked like a charm on me. i had something else planned for dinner, but i saw the coupon that came in our valu-pak envelope and those plans went out the window. try it and thank me later! only $9.99 for a large! :)

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Natalie said...

I LOVE pinkberry! It is seriously sooo good, especially with the mochi balls. Maybe one day good old SLC won't be stoneage, and we will get one too.