Tuesday, June 8, 2010

memorial day at the sand dunes

we headed with some of our best friends, cole and mindy smith, down to the sand dunes (the tallest dunes in north america) for memorial day weekend. it was beautiful and logan did awesome (it was his first time camping)! even with ridiculous winds the first night (there were a few times during the night i was sure our tent was going to blow down) he slept like a champ. ironically, dave and i didn't sleep very well that night because we were worried about logan.
(left ) packed into our very full car (middle) dave & logan enjoying a veggie straw. like father like son! (right) mindy, the master fire starter
the view of the dunes from our campground
logan got LOTS of attention from lincoln and payton. they were so cute with him.

payton wandered off and we found him chilling in our tent, just chowing on his hot dog. he is hilarious!
(left) logan in the backpack, sporting his safari hat. i think he's the cutest! (right) some impressive butt crack. keep in mind i was pretty far away. he must have had some sand in some uncomfortable places.
we spent a couple of mornings playing in the "river" at the base of the dunes
the water was a little chilly since it's runoff and logan wasn't the biggest fan. i love the picture in the middle where he is climbing up dave to try and get out of the water.
mindy and i being our spazy selves
about 20 minutes away from where we were staying was an alligator farm. we were able to hold a little alligator and see all sorts of big ones. it was pretty cool, but seriously a trashy and rundown place. and it was expensive! we're still wondering what they are doing with all the money because it definitely isn't being used to keep up the place (i think the owners are living the high life there in mosca colorado :) it was still a fun and different place to visit though.
doesn't the sign on the right instill confidence?!
holding the little gator and getting our "certificate of bravery" signed (or teethed) by the gator
on saturday night we hiked up "high dune." it took us an hour and a half to get up and it was hard! there were so many ridges and ups and downs that you can't see before you start. i think at some point every one of us wanted to give up. thank goodness for positive peer pressure. it was really incredible! i must say there's something cool about doing a major hike in bare feet! everyone was carrying a kid except for me (every once in a while cole was even carrying 2), so i tried to pull my weight by taking lots of pictures (i think i had the better deal)! lincoln, who is 4 years old was amazing and hiked almost the entire thing by himself! logan did pretty good in the backpack considering we were hiking after his bedtime and it got chilly. thank goodness for snacks and his lovey that kept him content.

almost there

it was cold and getting dark, so we only spent about 2 minutes at the top. it was totally worth it though!
sunday after church we went on a 1/2 mile hike to zapata falls. it seemed especially easy after our hike from the night before.

(left) dave showing off his good looking hair (you always have good) hair after camping! (right) logan LOVES his dad (and chewing on the camelbak
if this seemed like a lot of pictures just know it could have been worse. we took 199.

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Jessica said...

What a fun trip! I didn't even know you guys were going camping. I enjoyed your pictures, you'll have to give me directions to those dunes, I totally want to check them out.