Wednesday, June 16, 2010


visualizing this moment kept me going during the marathon. i would imagine myself at the end, all done, with a medal around my neck. and if i would have known they would be serving little caesar's pizza and creamies, that would have kept me going too! there were moments that i didn't think i could make it (those times when i would see the mile marker and think, "are you serious?! how many more miles do i have to run?!"), but of course that really wasn't an option. one way or the other, i was finishing.

as if running 26.2 miles isn't bad enough on its' own, 2 other things made this event tough: the start time and the weather. the morning started off early, and i mean early. i got up at 3:20 am and caught a bus at 4:00 am to take me to the top of provo canyon where the race would start. the race started at 5:50 am (it started 20 minutes late) and it was rainy! a flukey storm hit utah and it was unseasonably cool. it rained for the first 10 or 11 miles and i wore a garbage bag for the first 13 miles. too bad i don't have a picture of that! once the rain cleared up the weather was perfect for running.

my friend kimber and her husband chris (above) were not only nice enough to let me stay with them and watch logan while i ran, but they even came and met me along the route just before mile 24. i needed it. they were the push i needed to the end (especially since there was an up and downhill between mile 25 and 26. the downhill was harder at that point).

i was listening to 1 of my 2 favorite running songs at this moment (both by fall out boy) and i was so excited to see logan, kimber and chris. seriously, they'll never know how much it meant to have them there.

i was so excited to see logan! i don't know if the feeling was mutual. he seemed pretty oblivious to me.

the blessed finish line! they even announced your name when you crossed, which pretty much made me feel like a star!

logan testing out my medal
this was such a hard, but incredible experience. i love the feeling of accomplishing a goal i have had for years! i even think i might attempt it again. just give me a few years!


Jen said...

Congrats! So much work and preparation. I'm glad you had a good experience.

Stephanie said...

You are AMAZING! I can't believe you ran a marathon 11 months after giving birth. I still have a muffin top...

Kristen said...

Congratulations! Thank you for visiting us. It was so good to see you!

Heidi @ Budget Wise Home said...

Steph you are amazing!! I'm so glad everything went well and that you accomplished such an awesome thing. You even look totally cute at the end of the race! Who would have guessed you just ran 26.2 miles. Love the pics.