Tuesday, May 25, 2010

10 months

i knew my punctuality of posting monthly updates on logan would be short lived. he turned 10 months a couple of weeks ago and i can't believe it. he's growing up so fast, which i know is a very cliche thing to say, but it's so true (which is probably why it is a cliche). while i have loved every stage so far, i think this is my favorite age. logan has more and more personality everyday, "talks" more and more, is more interactive, is learning so much and is just a ton of fun!

these days logan:
  • is feeding himself snacks. favorites include veggie straws, gerber puffs, cookies. he will often grab a handful of puffs or veggie straws, drop them all on the table and then eat them one by one. he will also take a bite of one veggie straw, put it down and pick up another and take a bite, put it down and pick up another and take a bite etc. eventually they all get eaten!
  • loves clapping. he is always clapping for himself and will also clap every time we tell him good job.
  • has 2 bottom teeth, 2 top teeth and a 3rd one coming in on top
  • flaps his arms around. he will sit on the floor and bounce around while flapping his arms. he gets so excited!
  • is babbling nonstop (except he gets quiet in large, loud groups)
  • is sticking out his tongue. especially if we stick ours out at him
  • loves books. they calm him down when he's upset, make him smile and he loves to turn the pages
  • is imitating whatever we do - he shakes, tilts or nods his head if we do and tries to imitate our sounds
  • is grinding his teeth (not our favorite trick)
  • makes a duck noise. he copies the sound his duck puppet makes and does it when he sees his rubber ducky
  • LOVES his lovey (his blankie)! he gets giddy when he sees it. he sucks the corners and they get pretty dingy. so if you ever see his lovey and it looks a little gross, don't judge me. i promise i wash it, but the corners get dirty in no time.
  • growls at us sometimes
  • loves to hold his hands above his head (touchdown style). his aunt kari has a game where she asks, "how big is logan?" and then she would hold up his arms and say "so big!" we were shocked when we were playing and he held up his arms all by himself!
  • scoots backwards on his belly, but hasn't quite figured out how to scoot forward
  • gets on his hands and knees and rocks back and forth but doesn't crawl yet
  • has figured out how to maneuver around on his bottom. he sits and turns himself around and has recently started moving around on his bum. he's pretty good at getting places (or at least getting to the toys he wants)
  • loves to say "da da." most things are da da to logan, but when he says it in reference to dave, he says it very distinctly.
  • kicking and banging his legs in bed and in his car seat
  • loves to eat! we're always trying to introduce new foods to him. one of his recent favorites are black beans. he's still not sure about mashed potatoes or avocados.
  • loves to be sung to. his favorite is the "itsy bitsy spider."
  • sometimes sleeps on his stomach and moves himself into corners of his crib. as a result we took off his bumpers. it made me sad because they were so cute :(
  • has been weaned, which also makes me sad. but he didn't seem to mind the switch to formula which has made it easier on me (emotionally).

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Amy said...

He's looking so big these days. I'd love for he and Megan to sit and interact with each other. We've got to pull off a "meet-everyone's-kids reunion".