Monday, February 15, 2010

it's that time of year again

today as i left the grocery store i saw it...the table in front of the store stacked with glorious boxes of cookies and staffed by little girls in green vests. it is GIRL SCOUT COOKIE time! i am so excited (obviously, this is getting its own post)! last year i didn't get to fully enjoy this fabulous "season" because i was still at the point of my pregnancy where i just wasn't into sweets (i still don't know who that person was because it couldn't have been me). i think i still bought a box because i couldn't pass it up. so this year i am going to take full advantage. of course i didn't have cash on me today (i would have definitely selected the cash back option when i was paying for my groceries if i would have only known what awaited me outside), so i am just plotting when i can get back there and get me a box (or five) of tagalongs!


Cassy said...

Amen! Tagalongs are the best! I wish you the best in getting your cookies!

Stephanie said...

Samoas! I bought Taylor his own box for Valentine's so I wouldn't have to yell at him for eating mine.