Wednesday, February 17, 2010


i love flowers. i love to get flowers. dave picked up on this early in our courtship (actually even before we started dating). it wasn't unusual for me to get a dozen roses from him for no reason at all. i loved it. then we got married and i had to put a stop to the flower giving. not because i didn't love it, but because it got expensive real fast. he has obliged the no flowers rule for the most part, but i still get flowers on special occasions and i'm ok with that! these are the flowers i got for my birthday. they are gorgeous! and dave took this fantastic picture that captured how perfectly they bloomed. i just had to share. as a side note, i am done with winter. i am ready for warmth and color and flowers blooming in yards. especially my parent's yard and garden, it is amazing! i better pray for patience (especially considering that snow is in the forecast for tomorrow).

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Amy said...

Beautiful! I feel like a loser of a friend for a wishing you a really belated birthday. :)

I'm dying for warm weather too.