Saturday, February 20, 2010

olympic thoughts

like most people, i love the olympics. some of the thoughts and memories i had last week while i was watching the opening ceremonies (wearing my 2002 canada olympic sweatshirt) were:
  • standing outside in the cold just to catch a glimpse of the olympic torch as it passed through provo.
  • opening my mission call the evening of the 2002 opening ceremonies. later that night as i watched the opening ceremonies (on a date strangely enough) and saw the athletes from canada walk in i thought to myself, "hello friends, i'm coming to visit!"
  • being together with my family as we all met in slc to attend a few events. it was amazing to be at the olympics. there was such an incredible feeling there.
  • i love vancouver! i visited a year and a half ago (during the summer olympic opening ceremonies) and fell in love. i decided at that time that i could totally live there. it is the best of both worlds, a big cosmopolitan city and gorgeous mountains and tons of outdoor activities.
  • a love for canada in general. when they were doing the piece on canada and the usa's relationship (before the opening ceremonies started) i got teary.
  • listening to "oh canada" and remembering how we sang it at every zone conference (i sang along in my head, except the french part)
while this post seems like a tribute to canada, don't worry, i am cheering for the usa!! i am a proud american (who just happens to be a lover of canada).

ps - it is so hard for me to watch anyone, from any country crash. my heart just breaks for them.


Megs said...

We went to Vancouver last summer and really want to go back. It was wonderful and I feel like we didn't even get close to seeing all it has to offer. The Olympics have been really fun thanks to dvr so I don't have to watch the whole cross country skiing race :)

Chris & Kimber said...

Its still crazy to me how much you and I are alike. I totally have been wearing my Canada sweatshirt during the olympics. And when ever they sing "Oh Canada" I totally have been singing it with them. It has been making me think a lot about my time in Canada and how much I love it there and miss it.