Monday, February 8, 2010

one year older and (hopefully) wiser too

dave and i have birthdays 2 weeks apart and since i didn't manage to blog about his birthday earlier (and since i didn't take too many pictures of either occasion...for once), i thought i would do a joint birthday blog post (really it's because i'm feeling lazy).

david's 28th!
logan and i headed downtown on dave's birthday to meet him for lunch. dave's request was mad greens and it was really good (be careful if you add too many extras to your salad or sandwich though because it gets pricey. but we were willing to splurge since it was a birthday meal)! i always love getting to see dave mid-day on a weekday!
that night logan and i gave him a list of 28 reasons why we love him (there's so many more, but 28 was in honor of his 28th birthday)
a photo album for his desk at work (mainly pictures of logan, the star of the family)
and of course the long awaited nerf gun (spotlighted in this previous post)
yes, it's pretty fancy with a scope and everything!
i love when i find the perfect gift for dave (which doesn't always happen). this year it was a private fly-fishing lesson to go along with waders from his parents (and the rod and reel i got him last christmas). it was a big hit and made me soo happy that he enjoyed it so much. a big shout out to david at bass pro shops. he went above and beyond and has my business from now on!
dave decided to have a halo night with some of his guy friends. it was much cooler because he borrowed a projector from work and didn't have to play on our crappy tv.
stephanie's 29th!
it's almost impossible for me to believe that this is my last year of my 20's. how did i get so old (my mom told me she was wondering the same thing. especially since i am her baby)?! since i am older than dave, he delights in reminding me how close to 30 i am. dave took my birthday off and we had a great day.
  • perfume to make me smell good
  • earrings to make me look pretty
  • yoga (just me, dave watched logan)
  • breakfast (i think breakfast food is my favorite food. besides sweets of course)
  • new running shoes (so expensive, but so worth it. i ran faster the next day and i attribute it to my new shoes)
  • beautiful roses (yellowish, tipped with reddish/orange...that is the official color :)
  • indian food for dinner. it is my favorite. it is not dave's favorite. we headed to a restaurant in our neighborhood and it was fantastic! even dave liked it which means there is more indian food in our future (which makes me very happy)!!
  • and of course it feels so nice to be remembered by friends and family...texts, phone calls, emails, cards. and i just have to say that i love facebook for the fact that i can get birthday wishes from people i haven't talked to in 10 years (i'm not being sarcastic. i think it is great. yea for facebook!)
  • the night of my birthday i was surprised by a few friends that showed up at my door with yummy birthday treats! dave arranged it since he knows how much i love surprises, treats and talking the night away with friends. so far i am feeling good about 29, even if it does feel super old!

3 comments: said...

Can I just say I am so happy with how you keep up with your blog. I always know I can get a new post from you:) Cute family-

Kristen said...

Happy Birthday! I turn 29 this year, sounds old, but we are still totally hip. You look great and have such a cute family.

Jessica said...

You guys and your nerf guns crack me up! Happy Birthday to you both.