Sunday, February 14, 2010

7 months

playing with/eating the paper is now definitely his
favorite part of taking these monthly pictures
check out all that drool! compliments of teething.

these days logan is:
  • talking more and making all sorts of new noises. more a-da and ba sounds.
  • throwing things. his sippy cup, spoon, rings, blocks etc.
  • waving his arms around. especially when he gets excited. it's so fun to watch.
  • banging on tables, his bumbo chair tray (especially when we're taking too long in between giving him bites of peaches).
  • constantly reaching for ANYTHING within arms reach. and he is fast!
  • looking up and giving me big smiles after he is done nursing. he's done this for a long time and i am glad he still does.
  • lifts his legs up and lets them bang down against the mattress when we lay him down in his crib.
  • when we open the door to get him out of the car he turns and looks at us with the biggest smile, like we are the greatest people on earth. it sure makes us feel good.
  • while sitting, pushing his toys away and then trying to pull them back to him.
  • mesmerized by older kids and watching them play.
  • kicks, wiggles, squeals and smiles when we come to get him up from his crib.
  • loves attention. if you talk to him and smile at him you are bound to get a big smile back.
  • he has started to reach his arms up when he wants to be picked up. it makes me feel warm and fuzzy!
  • he just started sleeping on his side.

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Seth Jenson said...

It's fun reading all the stuff Logan is up to. He sounds just like Max is every way!