Monday, February 8, 2010

i am my funniest self in the shower

that title really drew you in, didn't it?
me, fresh out of the shower, trying to capture brilliance before it flees away

i often think about blog posts while i am in the shower. i "compose" what i am going to say in my head while i scrub away. and let me tell you, those posts are clever, witty and hilarious. but something happens from the time in the shower to when i sit down at my computer. it's all gone...the wit and humor and flowing sentences. and it never comes out as good as i imagined it. maybe i need a computer in the shower or a tape recorder to talk into (both of which i realize are unrealistic and problematic). i do wish there was a way to capture my "shower thoughts" when they are at their peak though. oh well. just know, this post was also way better in my head, in the shower.

ps - i went to get logan up from his nap wearing my towel turban (as pictured above). i picked him up, he took one look at me and his lip began to quiver and he started to cry. i don't think he recognized me. that or i looked really scary and it brought him to tears.

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