Sunday, October 4, 2009

tie-dyed pappy

So where to begin about tie-dyed pappy? In trying to figure out what the grand kids are going to call the Wessler grandparents, our brother-in-law John suggested that they be called Gammy and Pappy. Of course there is a lot of pressure for a good grandpa name given the fact that I call my grandpa (my dad's dad) Buster. To further add to the hilarity of the names (which I never thought that that is what my parents would want to be called) my dad thought it would be even funnier to be called tie-dyed pappy, given his love of tie-dyed shirts. AWESOME! To make the name even better, my grandma managed to find Logan a tie-dyed onesie that matches perfectly to one of my dad's shirts. We thought that we needed to get some pictures of these to guys together. SO to really get Logan into the spirit of the shirt, I played for him one of my dad's favorite songs..."Uncle John's Band" by the Grateful Dead. I think Logan really got into it. Rock on tie-dyed pappy, rock on!

P.S.- if anyone is curious if we were in the south, tie-dyed pappy would come complete with a rocking chair on the front porch, a corn cob pipe, a loaded shot gun, and the southern "rebel" flag flying proudly beneath the stars and stripes.

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