Thursday, October 8, 2009

happiness is...

when i was in college i had a "happy book" where i wrote down each day things that made me happy. it helped me to recognize the small and simple things that bring happiness. the other day i was thinking about how happy i am and it reminded me of my "happy book." so here is a "virtual" entry in my "happy book."
  • free day at the botanic gardens with my parents
  • country music videos
  • dancing in the kitchen with dave
  • costco samples
  • a clean house
  • being a member of relief society
  • the change of seasons and changing leaves
  • good girlfriends (and in this case a movie night to see "julie and julia" followed by delicious crepes)
  • working out with my hubby (p90x is killer)
  • longer nights of sleep (thank you logan)
  • people magazine
  • logan's smiles
  • falling asleep next to dave
  • laughing cow spreadable cheese (a sister missionary on my mission introduced me to it and i just rediscovered it. but from now on i can only discover it when it's on sale)
  • snuggling my baby
  • reading a good book
  • dave's cologne
  • foggy days
  • general conference and knowing we have a living, latter-day prophet
  • living close to family
  • appreciation from dave
  • smelly candles
  • facebook
  • pedicures with mindy (anything with mindy actually)
  • how logan is a "mini dave"
  • nutella and peanut butter (yes, i eat them together by the spoonful. i discovered this combo after our crepe night when some leftover nutella found its way back to my house. not my healthiest habit. which is why i don't let myself keep nutella in the house anymore)
  • uggs
  • getting to spend all day long with this guy
  • my iPhone
  • comfy pants
  • time together with old friends
  • reading blogs
  • when dave gets home from work


John, Kara, and Myla said...

You better be careful - someone might think you love your husband and son. Oh wait... ;o)

Cara said...

steph, why in the world are we still not close close friends? as i read your happy post, i realized how alike we still are. can we please be friends again? :)

Amy said...

This is a great post. I ought to keep a list like that, just to keep the right perspective and remember all my blessings - big and little.

Logan is looking so big now. I love that little grin.

Amen to comfy pants. Recently mine wore out and got a little rip right on the bum. I've kept wearing them and now it's a HUGE rip. I just can't give them up.

Cole and Mindy Smith said...

Ahhh!! I love to do anything with YOU too! Especially when it involves pedicures and no kids! YEAH!