Thursday, October 22, 2009

attempting craftiness

i go to church with some of the most talented and crafty girls i know. they are seriously amazing! these girls are constantly whipping up the cutest things (you name it, at least one of them can make it). i aspire to be like them. and lucky for me they are kind and willing to share their expertise. i am hoping some of their talent rubs off on me.

i decided to try making some wall hangings for logan's room. so with a few canvases, some scrapbook paper, mod podge and time (probably more time than it should have taken) these are what i came up with. we're going to hang them all in a row like a train (imagine that).
they're not perfect but i had so much fun making them. i loved having a project to work on. now i'm just trying to decide what to do next!


Cole and Mindy Smith said...

Man...not an attempt! You are CRAFTY!!! way to go girl!

Jaimie said...

Those look great Steph! Did this make you catch the craft bug....whats your next project? You know we'll be having craft night soon :)

Stephanie said...

Those turned out awesome. Maybe I need to bust out some mod podge! Oh, and thanks for the little blog shout out earlier. Today, I again believe motherhood is awesome. Ask me how I feel tomorrow and I might change my tune, but it's good to write it down on a happy day to remember why we got ourselves into this mess in the first place. :)