Monday, October 19, 2009


last week my friend steph posted on her blog about motherhood. i LOVED what she said because i feel the same way...although i only have one kiddo at the moment and i call my husband dave, not taylor. still the feelings ring true and i think it is worth reading (plus she is witty and has a great way of putting things).

here's another post my friend gina found on a blog a while back about being a stay at home mom. i don't know the person who wrote the post, but i think she is brilliant!

since i'm talking about motherhood...i watched stephanie nielson on oprah a couple of weeks ago (actually i recorded it and have watched it more than once since then). she is amazing and inspiring. but it is not just because of the accident, she was always amazing and inspiring. she didn't have to have this near death experience to appreciate the things in life that really matter (motherhood, marriage, family, god). she chose to embrace and love these things on a daily basis (even the menial and hard things). that is what made her so incredible and inspiring. i wish oprah would have pointed that out. we shouldn't have to have some huge bad thing happen to remind us what is important. not that it is always easy. sometimes it is too easy to get caught up in the everyday grind. i think embracing and appreciating the day to day things takes conscious effort. i remind myself of that. i think the effort is worth it. i also loved how oprah talked about the wonderful "energy" of their house. as i heard that i imagined members of the church across the country chuckling to themselves because we know it is the spirit of god that the girl who visited felt!

alright, i'm stepping off my soapbox now. way to go moms!


Hilary and Evan Biddulph said...

thanks for posting this! I have been reading her blog and her sisters blog, and can't read them without crying!! What great spirits they have! She is a great example to all mothers of how to love being a mother and love her family and sharing her testimony! SO incredible!

Amy said...

So true! It was good to catch up yesterday. I'm so glad we finally got each other live. It was fun to have some good adult conversation in during my day.