Thursday, October 29, 2009

snow day

logan and i returned last night from california to a winter wonderland (even though it is still autumn...colorado is a step ahead). i was bummed because dave got a half day off from work yesterday and we missed the chance to spend it with him. but lucky for us, today was another snow day!

it consisted of what any good (lazy) snow day should...
  • wearing cozy clothes (our little moo'er)

  • eating crumb cake for breakfast (really i think most days should consist of this)
  • watching movies (and a few recorded episodes of "so you think you can dance") and snuggling on the couch
  • a trip to the halloween store
  • napping
  • putting off doing the dinner dishes to blog
i think i'll have some mint hot chocolate before tackling those dishes (i'm really good at stalling. something i have mastered growing up)...

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Maegan said...

Steph, he is such a cutie. I love those pictures of him. What a cute cow!