Tuesday, September 22, 2009

2 months

logan turned 2 months last week.
i can hardly believe it.
here are his stats:
12 pounds - 50th percentile
23 inches - 50th percentile
head 39 cm- 25 percentile
lovin' his daddy!
at the doctor's right before he got his shots. he didn't know what was coming. he had to get 3 shots and it was so sad. i was glad dave was there to help pin him down so i didn't have to do it. we decided to make it a family affair and we all got shots (dave and i got our flu shot). we all were sportin' matching garfield band-aids.
these days logan is:
smiling lots...the kind of smile that lights up his whole face. even his eyes seem to smile (although he stops when the camera comes out). it makes my day to see him smile
cooing and making lots of noises
squirming all over the place
kicking his feet and waving his arms like crazy when he's on his back
holding his head up when he is on his tummy
noticing objects more and starting to "bat" at them
staring at us with his beautiful blue eyes (we hope they stay blue)
splashing in the bathtub
favorite toy: watson the glo worm

current nicknames:
logi pogi
chub chub


kari said...

What about Chub-Chub? Do you not like it? Should I find a new nickname?

Dave and Stephanie said...

yikes! i totally forgot (and i call him that a lot). i am updating it right now!

Hilary and Evan Biddulph said...

Very cute!!! He is soooo adorable! I bet you just want to stare at him all day!

Amy said...

A cute boy! With great stats. I'm so so happy that he went a full eight hours for you! I'm still crossing my fingers for that day....nursing on only one side I'm afraid will prevent that from EVER happening and it's quite depressing. I'm glad he's growing and developing so well.

Kevin and Ashlee said...

Hey Steph! I found your blog on Megan's. Congratulations on your cute little baby two months ago. Logan is so cute. I hope you don't mind if I put your blog on my list. I hope you're doing well and getting some sleep.