Monday, October 19, 2009

3 months

time is flying! logan gets chubbier and more smiley as the days go by (although you wouldn't know the smiley part from this picture). we fall more in love with him each day. we are smitten!

these days logan is:
  • starting to giggle. it is music to my ears. dave is the master at getting him to laugh. first real laugh=october 4th
  • turning himself completely around in his crib (head ends up where his feet began)
  • sleeping through the night! hallelujah! last night he slept for 10 and a half hours and it was heaven!
  • discovering his hands. he is constantly sucking on his fingers or his whole fist.
  • drooling (i think it goes along with the previous item)
  • scratching his face. i can't seem to keep his nails short enough (it doesn't help that i hate trimming his nails. i usually convince dave to do it)
  • "standing"
  • rolling onto his side to get a toy
favorite toy:
  • watson the glo worm when it's time to sleep
  • herbert the caterpillar for sucking on and play time

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