Friday, October 9, 2009

being sick sucks

i don't have the patience for it. especially today. i have a h.o.t date with my husband tonight. this morning he told me he is going to wear his 3 piece suit. i can't wait! he looks dang good in a suit. i want to feel good so i am going to take it easy and sleep today (especially since logan woke up 2 times last night. where did that come from? it didn't make me happy). it's a little chilly outside, so it is the perfect day to curl up in bed. keep your fingers crossed that sleep, oj and medicine will do the trick (and that i can breathe through my nose again)!


Amy said...

Eew, I hate being sick. For moms, there's no respite, no taking it easy. I'm always afraid of getting the baby sick too because all you do when you nurse is breathe on the baby. No fun. I hope you get better.

Anna said...

Thanks for the movie! Hope you're feeling better and that your date was a blast :) Date nights with husbands are the BEST!