Thursday, March 27, 2008

happy easter!

i am finally getting around to blogging about our easter. dave is playing tennis ball dodgeball tonight with some guys from our old singles ward (yes, dodgeball with tennis balls...they leave a little bit more of mark when you get hit). so i am watching "enchanted" (dave won't be sad he missed it...once was enough for him), eating lucky charms and blogging a little.

we had a nice easter. when i got out of bed dave had left a trail of cadbury mini eggs leading to my easter basket (i love easter candy...cadbury cream eggs and mini eggs, starburst jelly beans...yum! plus i got the eye shadow i had run out of...bisque...what a wondeful color!)

i am so grateful for easter and the chance to reflect on the love of the savior and the chance for progression and life in greater abundance. i am grateful for our understanding of the savior, his atonement and how personal our relationship with him can be.

we had my parents over for easter dinner (we were sad dave's family couldn't come too). dave made a delicious apricot glazed pork tenderloin and we had a great time visiting.

in a previous post i admitted to cutting a piece of cake out of the center of a row. now i can see where i got it from. here is the pan of brownies after my mom had gotten to it. she doesn't like edges either!

concentrating on our game of rumikub

it took awhile before dave was finally able to play (by this time i think i only had 2 or 3 tiles left)

we hope everyone had a wonderful easter with friends and family and drew closer to jesus christ.
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The Longtins said...

sounds like fun. I think you guys are crazy...the edge of the brownies is the BEST part. I guess I could have you and your mom over for brownies! :)

The Jacksons said...

Sounds like a fun Easter!! What ward are you guys in?

Megs said...

After reading this, all I wanted was a brownie! Sounds like it was a great holiday.

Maegan said...

It looks like a really fun easter. I want you guys to cook for us. You guys sound like you and Dave are quite the chefs.

Amy D. said...

Looks like a fun Easter for you guys. Two things: I love the edges of brownies. And I LOVE Rummikub! We used to play it with my Grandma Harbaugh on Sunday afternoons when we were kids. She was notorious for knocking her tray over and spilling her tiles everywhere. Good times with Rummikub!

Kelly Grace said...

Your Easter sounds wonderful, just relaxing, eating good food and being with your fabulous family! I have a recipe for apricot pork tenderloins, but I want to hear what Dave puts in yours!!!

Susanna said...

hi stephanie! congrats on marriage. i guess you've been married a while, but it's been even longer since i saw you. it's so fun to keep in touch. say hi to dave too. you guys are so great!

Sara said...

Hey Steph! I'm trying to track down our How to Host a Murder game. Did you borrow it? I can't find it around the house but maybe I need to look harder. Looks like life is good for you two lovebirds!

Seth Jenson said...

Larry and Sandy! Say hello to them for me. Glad you guys had a nice Easter.