Friday, March 21, 2008

good friday

good friday=getting to work this morning at 8:50 am and leaving at 4:00 pm, a spontaneous donut run at 10:30 am to satisfy a craving that me and 3 of my co-workers had, running an errand after lunch for an hour (it's always nice to get out of the office), talking to my friend jane on the phone, a nap on the couch with my husband when i got home, an appointment to teach someone in our complex with the missionaries! yes, it has been a good friday!


Maegan said...

It sounds like a good friday at your work. That is awesome that someone is ready to meet with the missionaries.

Bryce and Katie said...

Hi, my name is Katie Long. I'm a friend of Jonathan Jardine and was blog hopping. I saw your VERY CUTE blog template and was wondering how you did it!?!? Is there a website or did you design it yourself? If you don't mind, can you email me? I know this is kinda weird, but i love your blog :) Thanks!