Thursday, March 6, 2008

spring, *please* come soon (and come to stay)!

i am ready for spring! we have had some crazy colorado weather lately. one of my friends described it as bipolar and that is the perfect description. on saturday it was 74 degrees and beautiful. i went running in shorts and a tank-top, we had the doors and windows open all day and we caught some major spring fever. the next morning we woke up to a snow storm and it ended up snowing about 4 inches. i busted back out the uggs, sweater and hat for church. i guess for the time being my little piece of spring will have to be the beautiful tulips on our kitchen table. dave's parents gave us some indoor tulip bulbs for valentine's day and we have loved watching them grow right before our eyes!


Seth Jenson said...

the tulips are looking great! our bulbs are starting to bud and poke through the ground out front. meg can hardly contain herself.

Maegan said...

Where did they get those indoor tulips? I love tulips and that would be so fun to have some blooming in your house.

Amy D. said...

You should come visit AZ. This last week we almost hit 90 degrees! It was kind of too hot. I'm just hoping to have a few more weeks of pleasant weather before it gets unbearable. The tulips are gorgeous!