Wednesday, April 2, 2008

a day at the museum

on saturday we went to the denver museum of nature & science with my dad (we were sad that my mom wasn't feeling well and couldn't come). here are a few things i learned:
  • i want to visit switzerland one day. we saw "the alps" at the imax and it was so beautiful (although it confirmed that i don't want to climb a killer mountain in the snow any time soon...not that i was really considering it)
  • at the "hall of life" i learned i need to lose some weight and stop eating unhealthy foods. but i do have a great vertical jump (there were some fun games in the hall of life)!!
  • the "egyptian mummy" exhibit confirmed that i want to go to egypt. it also made me glad they don't mummify people anymore...the hook through the nose that pulls out the brain sounds really uncomfortable. not to mention the removal of the internal organs (although sometimes they wrapped them in linen and put them back in. how nice!)

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Maegan said...

That sounds fun, the Hall of Life makes me think of elementary and taking field trips and getting Life Cards.