Thursday, March 20, 2008

spring has officially sprung

happy spring! it has officially arrived and the weather here in colorado even cooperated. it was beautiful today and i celebrated by going for a run at lunch. it was so nice outside and although it was pretty windy, i'm not complaining because the sun was shining (and the wind kept me from getting too sweaty). i love spring so much! it was one of my favorite seasons. i love the sunshine, i love being able to leave the house with just a jacket, i love to drive with the windows down, i love opening the windows and blinds in the apartment and how everything feels so fresh, i love the flowers and i love how it is a season of rebirth and renewal. welcome back to colorado spring, i hope you decide to finally stick around (you never know with crazy colorado weather).

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Maegan said...

I love that pictures of your tulips. I love tulips, they are my favorite, except they do not dry well.