Tuesday, May 20, 2014

the end of speech therapy

a few months before emma turned 2, she started speech therapy. we were so lucky to be assigned mindy as our speech therapist. we all instantly loved her. she came to our house once a week and emma loved it! mindy was wonderful at making it fun, pushing emma in the areas she struggled, but also knowing when to back off if emma stopped responding. and i loved mindy, not only as a speech therapist, but also as a friend and looked forward to seeing her every week. emma was so excited for speech and she and logan would watch out the window for mindy. as soon as they saw her car, they would start yelling her name out the door until she finally arrived and then she was greeted with hugs. our services with mindy ended when emma turned 3 and her last appointment was the day before her 3rd birthday. emma has improved a lot and although there are still some sounds she struggles with, she is a great communicator and quite the chatterbox. i had to take a few pictures to remember our wonderful time with mindy. 
reading a book about emotions and making faces in the mirror to represent those emotions.
emma loved the art projects that mindy would bring. she loves to do arts and crafts!
emma made this card of her and her cousin kate (kate is the the blonde girl). and kate got the big crown because it happened to be her birthday that day.
saying goodbye :(
i had to include a picture of this card mindy sent to emma months ago. i don't know if you can tell, but it has been loved. for awhile, emma slept with it and carried it with her everywhere. she loves mindy so much and loved this special card from her. 

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