Tuesday, May 20, 2014

a little bling for our birthday girl

the night before emma's birthday she got her ears pierced (her present from us). although she was excited (as you can see below), i think dave and i might have been even more excited! we just thought she would look so, so cute! the only thing that wasn't great was that there was only 1 person doing the piercing and so she couldn't have both ears done at the same time. she was sure brave when it came time for the second ear. both times though she screamed so loud that people walking by the store stopped and stared (the chair is right at the entrance of the store). but she recovered fast and was so excited about her earrings!
dave cleaning the first ear before they pierced the second one. poor thing. you can tell she was crying.
an action shot. doesn't her face just kill you! pain for beauty!
this might be one of my favorite pictures of these two ever! 

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