Monday, May 19, 2014

connor: 9 months

when i took these pictures on saturday, it seemed silly because connor is closer to 10 months than 9 months, but i wanted to do this post anyway because i love having a record of what my baby does each month (and i definitely can't depend on my memory, because it has proven to be horrible)! so even though the pictures aren't quite an accurate depiction, at least i wrote down the things he was actually doing when he turned 9 months.
is laughing spontaneously
is moving more - he scoots backward and spins around while sitting. he seems to want to crawl, but just hasn't quite figured it out yet.
has the cutest scrunchy smile that i still need to get a picture of
has another tooth coming in - his 3rd one on the bottom, bringing the current grand total to 7 (people always comment on his mouth full of teeth)!
says dada, baba
knows who mama and dada are
loves to kick (in his car seat, bed and when he's laying on the ground). he especially kicks when he's excited
loves to eat
is our little peanut, although he is starting to chunk up more
he prefers toys that are not baby toys (or things that aren't even toys). which just confirms to me that baby toys are mainly a waste of money :)
he likes to play in the jumper
he loves my necklaces. especially sucking on them!
random squeals
he will mimic our sounds 
he gets so excited to read books. it makes me so happy!
he likes to pull to standing while holding our hands
at his well check. 
his stats are:
17 pounds 6.5 ounces - 14th percentile 
26.5 inches - 2nd percentile
45 cm - 52nd  percentile
1st time in the grocery cart 
he loved the seahorse (pictured above) and i am so sad to hear that some of them have been catching on fire!! needless to say, he's not sleeping with it any more. but it's sad since he loved it so much.
shades! i could barely capture this picture before he ripped them off.
holding his bottle like a champ

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