Saturday, May 17, 2014

emma's three!

last month emma turned 3. it seems to have gone by in the blink of an eye. she is absolute sunshine and has brought so much happiness into our home. 

 here are some things about her right now that i don't want to forget:
  • how she sleeps at the foot of her bed
  • she loves to dance! as soon as music comes on she starts to shake it. and boy can she move her hips! in her own words, she likes to "shake her booty!"
  • speaking of her booty, since she started wearing underwear, her bum crack is always showing! we're constantly telling her to pull up her pants. 
  • she loves dress up. 
  • she will only wear skirts and dresses. she is quite the girly girl!
  • she is generous with kisses and hugs. she went through a stage where she loved to press her cheek to your cheek.
  • she loves her brothers. it melts my heart!
  • she loves to do stuff by herself like putting her own covers on, turning off her light, brushing her own teeth
  • she loves bagel sandwiches and has one almost everyday for lunch (and sometime for breakfast). and just to be clear, a bagel sandwich is just a bagel and cream cheese folded in half! we are gourmet! and she loves fruit snacks!
  • she dislikes most of what I make for dinner, without ever trying it. i'll put something in front of her and she'll immediately say, "that's yucky. i don't like that!" even though she hasn't tried it and even if it is something that she liked previously. it drives me crazy! i miss the little girl that used to eat everything!! she used to be the best eater.
  • she loves Connor and all babies. and she gives them lots of love. and she is kind of a rough lover! we often have to tell her to ease up :)
  • she didn't go through the terrible twos and remained super sweet. but like logan, she's hit 3 with a vengeance. in the month that she's been 3, we've noticed an extra dose of sass and a few more meltdowns. but thankfully, she's held on to her sweetness too!  
  • she is quick to say sorry and forgive. when logan apologizes to her he will stand close to her just waiting for the inevitable hug and kiss she will give as soon as he has apologized. 
  • she twirls hair around her finger
  • she and logan are the best of friends. of course they have their tough moments, but they are rare. they play so well together and are happy to be together. i remember seeing our nephew and niece, brandon and ava together. they are the best of friends and i hoped so much that that would be the kind of relationship logan and emma would have. and i am so happy that it happened. it brings me so much joy to see them together. 
  • she loves to help and will get things for us, unload silverware, dust, clean bathroom and give connor his bottle. she always wants to help with whatever i am cooking in the kitchen. 
  • she talks baby talk to connor
  • she sings "roar" by katy perry all the time! it seems to be her default song. that and "frozen" of course ("let it go" and "do you want to build a snowman?" sung at hyper speed).
  • everyday she has a new idea of what she's going to be for halloween. i can't wait to see what she is actually going to choose!
  • her speech has improved so much, thanks to her speech therapy. but there are still times we can't understand her and we are grateful to logan for being the "emma to english dictionary!"
  • she stomps her foot when she is upset and didn't get her way or if she is trying to get it to really listen to what she's saying.
  • she is always into everything! she continues to be a whirlwind wherever she goes!
  • if she or someone else can't find something, she go to response is, "maybe a ghost took it." it makes me laugh every time!
  • she has the most contagious laugh once you really get her going. logan is the best at getting her to really laugh
  • she reads books when should be sleeping
  • she often dislikes whatever logan dislikes (usually without giving whatever "it" is a try). it's annoying!
  • along the same lines, she loves whatever logan loves. so in addition to dress up and princesses, she also loves super heroes, legos and star wars!
  • she loves to watch "jake and the neverland pirates" (she loves izzy and the pirate princess) and "my little ponies," especially the "equestria girls" movie. and like any little girl, she loves "frozen" and "tangled" (she calls rapunzel tangled). 
  • she has trouble sitting still during scriptures and prayers. reverence is not her strong suit. 
a few classic emma phrases:
  • "it's morning time!" said in the morning when she comes into our room. and morning is pronounced kinda like, "menning" and with lots of enthusiasm. she doesn't do this as much anymore and we miss it, so we request for it to say it sometimes! 
  • she likes her music loud when we're driving in the car and so i often hear, "turn it up please." 
  • she will spontaneously say "Ooh tank you mommy!" for something i have done for her and it makes me feel so good.
  • she often comments on my jewelry, hair or when i wear a dress and will tell me i look beautiful. this is another thing that makes me feel good. 
  • if we ask her if she's done something and she hasn't, she'll say, "not yet!" in a cute little sing, songy voice.
  • we hear, "hey, know what dys (guys)?!" all the time.
  • she says, "good night wolly polly" (rolly polly) to dave at bedtime, which is just about the cutest thing!
3 year stats:
34 pounds 4 ounces - 81st percentile
38 inches - 71st percentile 

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