Wednesday, May 21, 2014


every year denver hosts starfest, a sci fi convention. our old bishop and his wife put the convention on and so over the last 5 years or so, both dave and i have attended (although never together). this year was a momentous occasion however because dave took logan and emma for the first time. for a couple of kids who are very into star wars (especially logan), it was an amazing experience (and i think it made their dad pretty happy too)! 
anna and a jedi knight
punching jar jar binks!
there was a girl dressed up as hans from frozen there and when she saw emma dressed as anna, ran up to her in character and was fawning all over her!
emma called the storm trooper a "mommy storm trooper" since she was a girl!
and the day after starfest was star wars day (may the fourth) and the kids had to show their star wars pride!
i think starfest was a hit and they'll be back next year!

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