Thursday, May 22, 2014

st. jude's trike-a-thon

a couple of weeks ago, logan's preschool did a st. jude's trike-a-thon. we met at a park instead of school and they spent the day riding laps...or in logan's case, playing on the playground. he was so excited to ride his bike, but i guess the lure of the playground was too strong! he did bike 12 laps and thanks to some kind family members was able to raise over $100 to donate to st. jude's (which does such amazing things for kids with cancer and their families. and for free! wow)! the kid who did the most laps did 163 (or 168)! and the funny part (well, maybe not for his mom) is that she had said she would donate $1 to st. jude's for every lap he did! i don't think she was expecting for him to do that many!!
of course emma had to get in on some of the action. and i had to take a picture of logan's crush, kara, in her cute helmet! she was a maniac and did 112 laps (i think she did the second most laps of all the kids)! 
we hear a lot about lily and kara! logan loves these girls! and i just had to laugh at how both girls struck a pose the second i requested a picture! 
logan's 2 best guy friends from preschool, sebastian and noah


Holly said...

They both ride without training wheels? Wow!

Dave and Stephanie said...

holly, they ride strider bikes (balance bikes). hopefully logan will learn to ride a 2 wheeler this summer.