Sunday, February 24, 2013

happy talk

(that post title makes me start singing the song from "south pacific!")
due to a slight speech delay, emma started speech therapy at the end of january. of course i swear that the moment i made the phone call to start the whole process of getting her assessed etc. she started talking more :) for my own records i thought i would record the words emma was saying before starting speech (i'm sure there were a few more, but these are the ones i remembered and wrote down to show the speech therapist):
pop (she yells this out when she hears the toaster pop)
cheese (one of her very favorite things to eat)
uh oh
night night 
bye bye
nana (for banana)
all done
hop (if you ask her what a bunny does)
ho ho ho (if you ask her what santa says)
jee-jee (jesus)
moo (what a cow says)
wooo (what an elephant says. while she says it, she holds out her arm like the trunk of an elephant)

this is a picture logan took of mindy, emma's speech therapist, on her first visit. she is awesome and emma is already saying so many more words since she has started coming (she comes to our house once a week and it rocks!). i've learned so much and it's so fun to be able to see more of emma's personality show as she is able to communicate with us more. and we're all so excited with each new words emma says. i love especially how logan encourages her and then celebrates each new word she says.

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