Thursday, June 5, 2014

logan's artwork

last year i posted some of logan's artwork from school, and i thought it was time for another installment (before some of these items find their way to the trash. but don't tell logan).
logan has started drawing people and i think it's so fun. this is olaf, the snowman. 
i thought this was a fun comparison of his paintings from the beginning of the school year and the end of the school year. the second one was of logan and emma playing in our backyard on the tramp. 
i have to include the story behind this cute picture (even though it makes me sound like a bad mom). logan's school had a silent auction and one of the items you could purchase was a picture of your child (taken by his teacher), with a matte your child painted. totally cute, but it was $10 and i kind of didn't want to spend the money of it (because we already had plenty of logan's wonderful artwork at home). i had decided i wasn't going to get it and we were about to leave, when someone asked me if i realized that their was a picture of my child i could buy. the pictures were almost all gone,which meant i was totally the bad mom who didn't want to spend the $10 for my child's work of art! i totally caved to the "peer pressure" (or the pressure of not looking like a bad mom) and bought it! 
owls on a branch
a germ
egg carton butterfly
placemat with letter L
ha! i guess we'll add it to the summer bucket list!
the ninja turtles
they grew these grass caterpillars or hairy caterpillars as logan calls it. 
on the last day of school we got the most amazing scrapbook of the year from logan's teacher. it had some artwork he had done, but i especially loved seeing pictures of him doing his thing in the classroom at preschool. logan has loved looking at it too!
i had to post this page from logan's scrapbook because for valentine's day when asked what he loved, he said kara (who is a little girl in his class he has a huge crush on)! and i'm not sure where "blueberries mixed in cereal" came in, since i don't think we've ever had that! 
this was logan's artwork that was hung up outside on the last day of school (elsa at the castle).
logan actually did this at church, but i thought it was so funny and wanted to include it. the big guy on the left is satan and the other 2 people are heavenly father and jesus!
emma made herself at home at logan's preschool. when we dropped logan off each morning she would go into his class, say hi to all the kids, dress up and even start painting! you would think it was her preschool! and logan's teacher was so nice to her. emma loved miss maggie! the 2 paintings above and the watercolor below are some of the artwork she did!

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