Saturday, July 13, 2013

slice of life: june & july

 digging for dino bones at the museum of nature and science
morgan and stockton slept over so their parent's could celebrate their anniversary with an overnight getaway!
 there wasn't a lot of sleeping happening. at least not without some major threatening! 
dave made beignets for a morning snack. they were soo yummy (how can you go wrong with fried dough?!) 
first colorado rockies game for the kids. i think baseball is pretty dang boring, but there is something so fun about actually going to a game. especially with a bunch of friends. especially when the tickets are free. and especially when it's a totally magical experience for the kids. they even got buttons that said, "my 1st rockies game" that they wore proudly! 
cooking up a little something
 washing the car. i don't know if it was any cleaner than when we started (probably a little bit), but it sure was fun!
the best dad...keeping things reverent during sacrament meeting
i love these two!!!
 we took logan to see his first movie in the theater (with my whole family...minus a few people). i wish i had gotten a picture because he loved it! it was so fun to watch his wide eyes and perma grin as he took it all in. it was one of those fun experiences as a parent where the moment is magical and everything you hoped it would be. plus the movie was really cute! 
 we went and saw a fireworks show on the 3rd of july and it was awesome! i love fireworks!  and the kids thought it was so cool (2 years ago when logan was 2 he was terrified. it was funny to see the difference in our kids because emma wasn't scared one bit). 
kicking around the soccer ball and waiting for the show to start (if you look closely you can see dave in the dark)
 dave was scoring some seriously awesome snuggles! 
we went with kari and sterling to a little festival in highlands ranch on the 4th and it was hot and crowded. the kids did play some fun games and went on a train ride before we called it quits though. logan actually requested to go home and sleep. that's when we were tipped off that he wasn't feeling well (because i don't think that has ever happened). 
after his nap he felt good enough to wrestle with dave. we wrapped up the 4th with an amazing bbq at pete and kathy's. 
but it was a few days before logan felt totally better. he attempted to take a little nap at costco (once again, something that has never happened). 
 we scored this marble track from a lady in our ward that is moving and the kids are crazy about it! and it keeps them entertained, which makes me crazy about it! 
 i have been horrible at documenting this pregnancy (as in the last bump picture i took was at 12 weeks when we announced we were pregnant. and a lot has happened since then ;) here i am at 37 weeks! full term! but we're not expecting anything to happen any time soon since our babies like to come late. we're in the final stretch though and can't wait to meet this little guy!

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