Wednesday, July 24, 2013

todd family reunion: winter park [part 1]

one of the things that i look forward to most each year is when my whole family gets together for our reunion. the todd kids are spread across the country and this is the one time each year that we are guaranteed to all be together. i am so grateful for the huge sacrifices everyone makes to make sure it happens. this year our time together was a little staggered (due to people's busy schedules), but it was still so amazing! we spent almost a week in winter park and it was incredible (the only thing that would have made it better is if dave could have spent more than one day with us. dang work)! we stayed in an amazing house, with an amazing view and had so much fun!
 we went to winter park one day to do all the fun activities that they have at the ski resort during the summer. and let me tell you, it was hard for this pregnant lady not to get to play! but i had fun taking pictures and watching my kids (and hubby) soak in the experience. our kids loved the alpine slide and dave quickly learned not to go in the slow lane (even with the kids) because it was too slow. both of the kids loved going fast!
logan was introduced to miniature golf and quickly became obsessed. it was his main request over and over again. i couldn't believe that was what he wanted to do when there were so many cooler things to do. but it was the major highlight for him. 
emma's favorite thing was the trampoline/bungee thing. she loved it! since i wasn't a paying adult, i wasn't allowed in with her but she would sit patiently and wait her turn on the tramp. people couldn't get over her jumping. she has no fear and wanted to go over and over again. she even did flips (with the help of the worker).
dave and my dad did this thing that spins you upside down and all around. i love that my dad still loves to do these kinds of things! 
it is the sweetest to see all the cousins together. i love how much they love each other and it makes me so happy that even though we don't live by each other, during this week together they create memories that bind them together. my kids love being with their cousins. logan has already asked when we are going to kansas and nyc to visit his cousins (we already went to utah in may to visit some cousins). 
one day while the older cousins were white water rafting we took the little kids for a pony ride. they both loved it, although logan did end up having a major meltdown before we left (late bedtimes and no naps were definitely starting to take their toll). but even though the whole experience ended in tears, i would still consider it a success!
emma discovered water guns and couldn't get enough! i loved watching kate and emma together. they are only 2 weeks apart and it will be so fun to watch them grow up together.
amazing view off the huge, awesome wrap around deck
more mini golf at the ymca
emma would lose patience with the club and kick the ball and drop it in the hole!
a rock climbing attempt. obviously he wasn't into it. but i had to capture the moment first!
i loved when the worker asked emma before he pushed her if she wanted to go fast and she said, "YES!" with a huge smile on her face!
we went on a gorgeous 3 or 4 mile hike one day. since everyone came it needed to be easy enough for the little kids, which worked to my advantage because that meant it was also easy enough for a 35 week pregnant lady! 
since dave wasn't there, mark was nice enough to carry emma. lucky him, he got serenaded all along the trail (she loves to sing)!
she is seriously the messiest little girl!
 my cute little bed buddy one night. even though this picture is such poor quality i had to post it anyway because she was taking up her share of the bed, although when dave saw the picture he was probably laughing that i was finally getting a taste of my own medicine!
my mom rocks! she also tried to do a backflip but didn't quite make it around. maybe next time mom!
there is bound to be a part 2 to this reunion as soon as i get some of my siblings pictures. but for now, this will have to do!

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