Friday, July 12, 2013

a trip to utah

way back in the middle of may the kids and i headed to utah for a week. we had been wanting to visit the rawlings and it seemed like the perfect time. dave had a comprehensive exam for his doctorate program, which was basically a killer take-home exam that he had to take a week off of work to do. which meant it was a great time for us to be out of the house! we definitely had the better end of the deal. while we played, he was working, stressing and teetering on the brink of a breakdown. but when all was said and done, he rocked it and we are soo proud of him (and so grateful he passed the first time so he doesn't have to experience the torture again. plus, he had to pass it before he could begin his dissertation). he sent me this picture of his set up for the week. 
we had the best time in utah! it really was the perfect trip. last summer angela and her family left colorado (sniff, sniff) and moved to kaysville. let's just say, logan could not wait to see his rawlings cousins. even though he was so little for the 2 years they lived here, he still remembers them and mentions them randomly at least once a week. needless to say it was a sweet, sweet reunion! their new house has the most incredible backyard (and am i jealous). my kids were in heaven! i told angela that being there felt like the kind of childhood a kid should have, but most don't nowadays. there were just kids playing outside constantly (no need for scheduled playdates, just head outside) and i didn't feel like i had to constantly be supervising my kids. i knew some older kid would watch out for them. my kids were outside most days as soon as they woke up (usually still in their pajamas) and just wandered and played. emma especially couldn't get enough. it wasn't unusual for me to think, "hmm, i haven't seen emma for awhile," only to find she had let herself outside and was jumping on the tramp (she loves trampolines). my kids would come inside each night dirty from playing so hard. it was awesome! besides hanging out and playing we visited a lot of parks, celebrated cade and carter turning 7 (how in the world did they get so old?!), i was able to see my grandparents and finally introduce them to my kids (and we visited the kids' exhibit at the church history museum), see my cousin courtney and meet her darling little girl tinley, visit erin and have some play time with sophie, visit with my aunt jeanette and uncle jim, stop by and see my grandma and grandpa's grave, and visit my old mission companion kimber and meet her brand new little guy clayton. it was seriously such a great trip! and now for the pictures...i'm warning you, there's an insane amount! 
 grandpa's actually looking at the camera. it might be a modern day miracle!
lexi's focused violin face. i love it!
myles' would play "the lion sleeps tonight" on the piano over and over again for the kids while they danced!  
playing at the church history museum with great grandma and grandpa clark
 fishing from nephi's ship
 oh creamies! you are so delicious!
 i couldn't help but take this picture of my cute grandparents as they left! 
fun in the rawlings backyard!
 the kids found a snake in the backyard. logan was too afraid to touch it until he saw emma do it (the girl has no fear) and then he found the courage (as did angela :). he still talks about that snake! 
lexi is amazing with my kids (all kids actually). oh how we wish they still lived in CO so she could babysit for us. 
 time with cousin sophie and aunt erin!
 logan was "reading" the scriptures to them :)
i don't think there is another 10 year old boy on the planet that is as sweet with little kids (and just loves them) as myles
 we split our return trip into 2 days and stayed in grand junction at my friend's parent's house. she told us about a little farm in fruita and so we stopped before heading back to denver. it was such a random, quirky place. it had some animals and then a bunch of little "houses" with different themes (ie. schoolhouse, gingerbread house, a castle, a pyramid with things from egypt). it was seriously random. but the kids loved it and they even got to hold bunnies!
until next time utah...

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