Friday, July 26, 2013

the end of an era

this past sunday was the first time in 5 (plus) years that ward council was held and i didn't attend (not including those i missed because i was out of town or had just had a baby). 2 sundays ago i was released as relief society president and while the timing is right, it's definitely bittersweet. don't get me wrong, it was a hard calling. there were so, so many times that i felt way in over my head, as i tried to counsel and/or comfort those in difficult situations (that were so far removed from things i have personally experienced) and so many times i thought to myself (and asked the lord), "there has got to be someone more qualified for this than me. are you sure you called the right girl?!!" but time and time again i was reminded that the lord qualifies those whom he calls, and that if i was humble and willing, he could use me (not that i would do everything perfectly, but better than if i tried to do it alone). it seemed like just at the times that i was feeling most overwhelmed and inadequate, he would open my eyes to a way in which he had guided and directed me, and i would be reminded once again that this is his work, he was in charge and i needed to trust in him. this past week i read a quote by president lorenzo snow that really resonated with me. it said, "to properly discharge the obligations devolving upon us, we require supernatural aid...." i think that is not only true in fulfilling callings, but in our efforts to live the gospel. we can't do it without his help and i am sure that so often he is just waiting for us to come to him so he can help us.
another huge blessing of this calling was the opportunity to serve with amazing women (debbie, wendie and aubrey pictured above at our last hurrah, before 2 of them moved away). i learned so much from them; their testimonies, their insights, perspectives and experiences. i grew so much from my time working, praying and serving with them. 
all of this reflection was fresh in my mind last week when i got together with mindy and jessica. i couldn't help but think of the 3 years we served together in the young women's presidency. once again, i couldn't have asked for better counselors to serve with. and working together with them was just plain fun! there really is an incredible bond that is formed when you work, struggle (and sometimes cry), pray and plead with the lord and experience miracles while in his service. 
(our little cuties)
i'm so grateful for the trust the lord placed in me and the chance that i have had to help build up the kingdom in a small way (although i have no doubt that these callings were probably more for me than for anyone i served). i'm grateful we have a lifetime of serving in the church in different capacities that refine us and help us move the lord's work forward (isn't it amazing that he uses such imperfect people to do his perfect work?! it reminds me of what elder holland said, "except in the case of his only perfect begotten son, imperfect people are all god has ever had to work with. that must be terribly frustrating to him, but he deals with it. so should we").  but for the next few sundays (or so) i will soak up being calling free (and hopefully at home snuggling a little baby. come on baby)!

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