Saturday, July 13, 2013

dreams really do come true!

many people who know me know i have wanted a minivan for a long time. i know some people are anti minivan  (maybe because they feel like there is a stigma associated with driving a minivan or they're not "minivan type people", i don't know), but i could not wait! i couldn't wait to have a button on my key chain that would magically open the doors, a car my kids could easily get into and space, oh we couldn't wait for more space! anyway, as you can tell, i love minivans! so you can only imagine my excitement when we finally got one a couple of weeks ago. 
we traded in our red car and the kids were a little sad about it. they thought it was the coolest to ride in daddy's red car. dave however won't miss it. he said he felt like he was a teenage girl when he drove it! it was my first car and has been good to me/us over the last [almost] 10 years. 
just about to drive off the lot! 
it's been as great as i hoped! and it has already proven itself useful when we used it a few nights ago to move bunk beds and it was no problem! woohoo!


Natalie Hobbs said...

Welcome to the club! isn't it the best??

Sara Morey said...

I LOVE VANS!!!! What kind is it? It looks almost exactly like our Honda Odyssey in style and color!