Saturday, January 19, 2013

bump ahead!!

we're moving from a man-to-man defense to a zone defense in late july (although let's be honest, this is one of our babies we're talking about, so we're expecting an august birthday)!
i found out a couple of days before thanksgiving that i was pregnant and i thought it would be fun to have the kids help me share the news with dave (although they didn't know the news, of course). and just for the record, this craft project brought out the tears and tantrums in my kids...and maybe in me :) but i was determined to make it happen. after a trip to the park...and probably some bribery (although i don't remember), i ended up with these cute little hand/foot turkeys! on thanksgiving day the kids gave dave a box. when he opened it he found logan's turkey, then emma's turkey and last a tiny little turkey (i actually traced logan's newborn foot for the body of the tiny one). the last little one said,     "it looks like another little turkey will be joining our gang at the end of july!" i wish i would have videoed his reaction!!
and this is how we shared the news with our families! although with quite a few, we had to point out that little picture in logan's hand!

we told the kids yesterday at my 12 week appointment, just before we heard the (quick) heartbeat! of course emma has no idea what is going on, but she got so excited when she heard the heartbeat (i think she sensed it was something exciting). logan seemed fairly apathetic to it all and was just excited to get to watch some cars youtube videos at the appointment. we headed to the park after the appointment to enjoy the gorgeous day and that's when i realized logan was pretty excited about the news. he started telling random people at the park that his mom was having a baby and he was going to get a new sister (that's his prediction and he's been 100% with all his past predictions, so we'll see if he's right). the best was when we ran into 2 of my friends at the park and he told them his mom is going to have a baby! it took a minute for it to register with them and i loved their double take! it's a good thing we waited to tell him until we were ready to share the news! we can't wait! and might i just add, my body is really embracing pregnancy (ie. looking pregnant) this time :)


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