Friday, July 26, 2013

a little baby celebration & thoughts at 39 week pregnant

when my friend mindy suggested a night out to dinner with friends in lieu of a baby shower, it sounded like a perfect idea. after all, we really don't need any more baby stuff, but i sure love spending time with friends. we met up at mellow mushroom, enjoyed chatting, yummy pizza and basically shut the place down (seriously, i couldn't believe how late it was when we left). i'm so grateful for good friends (why in the world didn't i bring my actual camera. cell phone pictures are not great for big group shots. half of us have demon eyes too. oh well, at least we got a picture)! 
so here i am: 39 weeks (and 2 days...because when you are this pregnant,
i have been horrible about recording anything about this pregnancy. but this much i can say, it has flown by! and like my other pregnancies, it has been great! i know this may be unusual, but i really love being pregnant! i still feel really good and go to the gym about 4 times a week (my bodypump instructions keep telling me not to go into labor during their class and i assure them we're not that lucky :)  i sleep really well, feel great physically and on saturday just started feeling a little pain in my tailbone (i'm assuming he must have moved a little). he is super active...still! he is moving all the time. he loves to be rubbed (clarification: he loves when dave rubs my belly. and so do i, so win/win!). he's similar to logan in that if we push where he is, he'll push back (emma would retreat). when dave talks to him, he will almost always respond to his voice with a kick (or punch or whatever it is he is doing in there).  

of course the question i get asked a lot is, "are you ready?" and really, who is ever really ready?! but i guess we're as ready as we'll ever be (because really there is actually very little you need for a new baby, practically speaking). we have diapers, i washed the carseat (since it's been in the garage for over a year), i washed all the baby clothes (talk about some major nostalgia seeing all of logan's old clothes), we now have a car we can all ride in together (yea!), logan and emma are now sharing a room and dave is in the process of painting the pink accent wall in emma's old room white (sad), my parents are "on call" to watch logan and emma for whenever this guy decides to make his debut, i managed to get a pedicure (let's be honest, that really is a need) and i even threw a few things in a hospital bag today. so really we are just playing the waiting game. (for memory sake) at my 39 week appointment (4 days ago) i was almost 4cm dilated and 70% effaced. i'm due this coming wednesday (july 31st), but we're expecting this guy to be like his brother and sister and come late. i'm willing to go a little longer overdue this time in an effort to go into labor on my own (i just really want to experience it), but 1 week overdue is my limit! beyond that, i will feel like i gave it my best shot and be induced! but i'm really hoping it doesn't come to that. please be good to your mama little guy and just tonight! ha!

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Cara said...

HA! DOES count at this point! my little guy came only two days early, and i was counting the minutes by then! :)

and i'm so glad you're still feeling so great! you're a lucky, lucky girl! good luck and i'm crossing all my fingers that he'll come soon and on his own!